The departure of Weyerhaeuser Company from Federal Way, taking with it 6,500 jobs, left a large hole in the local economy and left the City of Federal Way underfunded.

This project will restore about half of the jobs lost when Weyerhaeuser left, creating new employment opportunities across the income spectrum in ways that strengthen the South Sound economy, provide sustainable revenue streams to grow the city budget, and enhance funding opportunities for essential public safety programs.

Many additional jobs will be created off campus as a result of the multiplier effect from this development of regional significance.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT and revenue for community services

We see the redevelopment of Woodbridge Corporate Park as an essential and important element of the city’s economic growth and job creation.

Our vision is to balance the need for job creation with the preservation of this unique industrial site and its many natural assets.

Woodbridge Corporate Park will help restore much needed funding for schools, public services like water and fire, and community cultural funding, such as the community theater.