Industrial Realty Group is committed to preserving the unique attributes of the campus at Woodbridge Corporate Park and sustaining this community asset. Our vision saves the vast majority of the acreage, leaving it as natural space that will be open for public use and tenants of the corporate park.

Thoughtful design of new light industrial buildings that are shielded from view by dense tree cover will allow the preservation and restoration of the headquarters building, open fields, trails, North Lake waterfront, Bonsai Museum and the Rhododendron Species Botanical Gardens.



Our current plan develops only a quarter of the campus, and the proposed new light industrial buildings will blend in with the surrounding environment and be hidden from the roadway by trees.

The new development is designed to pay for the preservation and restoration of existing buildings and the natural assets across the campus.

These new buildings are designed to support thousands of jobs up and down the income spectrum and act as an economic driver for community investment in Federal Way and surrounding communities.

Development will occur in a way that minimizes traffic, protects water quality, and reduces aesthetic impacts significantly less than other options like condominiums, apartments, retail, and additional office space.

These projects will occur independently, based on market conditions. Since the projects do not rely on each other, IRG has flexibility in the development process.


Preserving the existing headquarters building and bringing it to current modern standards for new office users will bring jobs and much needed tax revenue to the City of Federal Way to fund critical services like schools, fire and rescue, and the police department, just to name a few.

Maintaining the Technology Center as an integrated research and development facility, and marketing it to high-profile, technology-oriented tenants, will add to the diversity of employment opportunities for local residents.